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  • IP Geolocation is an essential technology that helps organizations to estimate locations of their customers based on their IP addresses. Organizations like eCommerce companies, and news websites, search engines, ad agencies, etc., are able to provide each of their customers with the best products and services that are available in their region. These services are important for preventing online fraud, managing digital rights, and for serving targeted marketing content and pricing.

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Innovative Big Data Approach  Patent Pending

We do not rely on WHOIS as a primary data source

WHOIS links IP blocks (prefixes) to the address under which certain organization or ISP is registered. However, these IPs can be utilized elsewhere in the world and can even be outsourced to the different operators. This implies that WHOIS data provide inaccurate geographical locations

We do not use DNS entries

The popular reverse-DNS based mapping approach suffers from several limitations: a) Many interfaces do not have an assigned DNS name. b) The misnaming of an interface results in incorrect location. c) The lack of universally accepted rules and a naming system require manual processing, which is time consuming and prone to errors

We do not require access to AS/ISP internal data

Some IP Geolocation providers form commercial relationships with certain regional ISPs to obtain their internal data. This adds to accuracy but is geographically limited, as it is impractical to form universal commercial relationships (above 60,000 active entities globally)

We only rely on Big Data Network Infrastructure Analysis

We non-intrusively and non-abusively spider-crawl the entire IP address space by utilizing a proprietary patent-pending technology. First, we reveal all the public router interfaces worldwide. Then, by using a comparatively small amount of IP addresses with known Geo-locations, we estimate the actual service area for every router interface detected. Finally, knowing the closest router interface and its expected service area, we are able to estimate the location-likelihood for every reachable IP address in the world.

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Main Benefits

Superior Geolocation accuracy

Homogeneous, highest IP Geolocation accuracy level across all Countries and territories

Superior data granulation

Up to a single IP address Geolocation resolution

Superior data update rate

Industry’s first daily updated system

More valuable data

Provide confidence area in addition to a conventional location point estimation

Super fast API (coming soon)

All delivered straight from a “hot” memory

IPv6 Supported (coming soon)

The IPv6 address space Geolocation is coming next

If prompted, please share your location with us

By allowing an access to your location, you will be able to see your true location on the map (red dot) and an estimated location (blue dot).
Sharing your location will help us to correct our data if necessary.
Please note that we don’t retrieve any data except for your IP address and coordinates.

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